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Top 10 Vegetarian Dishes
Top 10 Vegetarian Dishes
You would have often heard about the non-veg dishes from around the world. Here I bring you some exclusive vegetarian dishes from around the world. Let’s get started :

1. Gado-Gado: The dish is from Indonesia. It is a mixture of colorful veggies which includes long beans, spinach, corn, potatoes, and cabbage.

2. Spanakopita: The dish from Greece is often served as snacks. It makes use of spinach, onions, feta cheese and seasonings. All these ingredients are packed together in the phyllo dough.

3. Trofie Pasta With Pesto: This dish from Italy has trophy pasta and tin and short noodles. It is served fresh with pesto sauce and enjoyed with red wine.

4. Dal Tadka: This dish needs no introduction. The hot lentil is seasoned with ghee, onions, chillies, tomatoes and coriander leaf. It does well with steamed rice.

5. Shakshouka: It is from Israel and is made up of poached egg topped with tomatoes, chilli, pepper, onions and cumin seeds.

6. Tortilla Espanol: A lip-smacking dish from Spain. People enjoy it with red wine in Spain. It comprises three simple ingredients like potatoes, eggs and online.

7. Veggie Spring Rolls: A dish from China which has transformed a different nation. The traditional Chinese spring role includes carrots, cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers an in bean sprouts.

Top 10 vegetarian dishes8. Kushari: It is the national dish of Egypt. The dish is a combination of macaroni noodle, lentils, rice topped with spicy tomato sauce.

9. Edamame: This from Japan is known to be a great appetizer. This amazing dish makes use of your soybeans topped with sea salt.

10. Papa a la Huancaina: This dish from Peru makes use of potatoes. It is made up of boiled yellow potatoes served with lettuce leaves with corn and olives.


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