How to decide if your business needs a Consultant & Advisor?


How to decide if your business needs a Consultant & Advisor?

Look at the following and answer in YES or NO.

  1. Are you busy and you do not get time to review your business goals and its path regularly.
  2. There is difference of opinion between the owners, directors, partners of the business in major business issues.
  3. Your business has potential but the results are unsatisfactory.
  4. Your Company’s sales force does not produce the desired results and develops a disproportionately small fraction of the new business each year.
  5. Your Company’s working methodology needs to be revamped so that there is smoothness of working and process flows.
  6. You want an expert’s opinion about the things that you are doing and if it is in the right direction.
  7. You feel there is something not right about your business and you need some expert to find out where the problem lies and how to rectify it.
  8. You do not have short term and long term business forecasts.
  9. You do not have week wise planning of your business model.
  10. You want to start a new business or expand your current business.

If any of the above is in YES, then you should hire a consultant and avoid unnecessary bottlenecks and time-consuming activities.

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