This Week in History

This Week in History [ 21st SEPTEMBER to 27th SEPTEMBER ]

21st September 2001 – University of Roorkee becomes India’s 7th Indian Institute of Technology registered as IIT Roorkee.

21stSeptember 2004 – Construction of Burj Dubai starts.

21st September 1792 – The next National Convention declares France as Republic and abolishes the monarchy.

21st September 1964 – Malta becomes independent from United Kingdom.

21st September 1995 – The Hindu milk miracle occurs in which statue of Hindu God Ganesh began drinking milk when spoonful were placed near their mouths.

22nd September 1893 – The first American made automobile built by the Duryea brothers was displayed.

22nd September 1955 – In Britain the television channel ITV goes live for the first time.

22nd September – In Europe and in cities throughout the world car free day is observed.

22nd September – In United States this day is observed as American business women’s day.

23rd September 1642 – First commencement exercise occurs at Harvard College.

23rd September 1846 – Neptune was discovered by French astronomer Urbain Jeann Joseph Le Verrier and British astronomer John Couch Adams. The discovery is verified by German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle.

23rd September 1992 – Scientist discover normal body temperature is not always 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

23rd September – Usually the first days of sign Libra in the tropical Zodiac occurs..

23rd September – Astronomically the first day of autumn starts.

24th September 1946 – Cathay Pacific Airways is founded in Hong Kong.

24th September 1948 – The Honda Motor Company was founded.

25th September 1906 – In the presence of King and before a great crowd Leonard Torres Quevedo successfully demonstrates the invention of Telekino in the port of Bilbao guiding a boat from the shore in what was considered the birth of the remote control.

25th September 1912 – Columbia University Graduate School of journalism was founded in New York.

25th September 1939 – Feroz Khan Indian actor was born.

26th September 46 BC – Julius Caesar dedicate a temple to his mythical ancestor Venus Genetrix in accordance with a vow he made at the battle of fossils Pharsalus.

26 September 1923 – Dev Anand Indian actor and film producer was born.

26 September 1984 The United Kingdom agrees to handover of Hong Kong.

27th September 1777 – Lancaster, Pennsylvania was the capital of United States for one day.

27th September 1908 – The first production of Ford Model T automobile was built at Piquette plant in Detroit, Michigan.

27th September 1932 – Yash Chopra Indian director was born.