Kids Food Book | Makes Cooking Very Simple



With the help of kids food Book, We can Make healthy dishes and veggies for  Eating healthy breakfast and food for kids. In day to day mechanic routines, many of the kids are not eating properly.

If we engage kids in cooking, we can see more difference in their growth. They will be happy to dust their hands with flour and help their mommy.

Kids bookThis food book for kids will have 5 Easy ways to make breakfast:

Vegetable Omelette :
Take your favourite veggies and half cook. Now beat the egg and pour on the pan, top up with cooked veggies and fold the omelette. A Healthy vegetable omelette is ready. Add bright colour veggies to look colourfull.

French Toast :
As given in Kids Food Book, Beat the egg and milk. In a saucepan melt the butter and toast the bread after dipping to the egg mixture. Dusting with sugar and topping up with any jam or syrup will add more taste to the dish.

Pancake With Apple Rings :
Pour the batter on a hot pan to 1l2 inch thickness of any shape you like. Cook the cake and top up with butter or ghee for rich flavour. Cut the apple in ring shape and coat with caramel, add on the top of pancake to look delightful.

Quinoa Egg Rice :
Cook the rice soft, In a pan saute the onion and beaten egg. Scrumble the egg mixture and mix with rice. Add salt and pepper to taste. Healthy and filling breakfast is ready to serve hot.

Breakfast Popsicles :
Go to the kitchen and take all your favourite cereals and keep aside. Now mix vanilla flavoured yoghurt and milk together with sugar to form a creamy texture.

Take the Popsicle mould and first fill it with cereals and add the creamy mixture. Combine well with spoon and chill overnight. Creamy healthy breakfast is on your hand.



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