Top 10 Popular Salads From Around The World | Foods & Salads



A quick look at the healthy salad recipes from around the world

1. Cobb salad (USA): This salad from the US is made up of stuffed chicken avocado, bacon, eggs, and cheese.

2. Larb (northern Thailand): Made from minced meat, this salad is famous in Thailand.

3. Israeli salad(Israel): Made up of tiny pieces of vegetables, this salad is a delectable dish from Israel.

4. Mexican black bean salad: Hailing from Mexico, this salad is a mix of black beans, onions, tomatoes, corn, avocado and can also be used as a spread on the bread.

5. Gado-Gado (Indonesia): This salad is a mix of potatoes, beans, bean sprouts, spinach, bitter gourd, chayote, cabbage, corn and tofu, hard-boiled eggs and tempeh. The is coated with peanut sauce dressing.

6. Dressed herring salad(Russia): The salad is a treat during the time of New year and Christmas. Covered up in the layer of grated boiled beetroot and mayonnaise gives this salad a unique and attractive colour.

Top 10 Salads7. Nicoise salad (France): It is more like the Cobb salad from the US. But, we use tuna, potatoes and green beans instead of chicken, avocado, and bacon.

8. Tuscan Panzanella (Italy): It is made up of bread slices which are soaked in olive oil, onion, tomatoes, vinegar, and salt.

9. Spicy Ramen Noodle Salad(Asia): Made from fresh ingredients like carrots, green and purple cabbage, chicken, ramen noodles and roasted almonds.

10. Shieldzini (Japan): This salad from Japan makes use of cucumber, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce and vinegar.



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