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This article has been submitted by Mr. Dipanshu from Delhi


There are many steps that can be taken with respect to food tourism industry to help it boost and grow at a rapid pace so that it can contribute more to the national economy. Following are some recommendations and suggestions that can be implemented:

  • Creating more awareness among people about the food tourism industry and helping them understand how it can help our economy.
  • Allowing more foodies, bloggers and travellers to explore this industry a little more and also make people aware about the same.
  • There can be various food festivals that can be arranged in cities and states that can showcase the particular place’s delights and cuisines which will enable people to know more about the culture, tradition and foods of the place. Bundling and packaging is an essential part in the food so there should be focus on the packaging of the food. India also needs to tap into this segment for the successful implementation of food tourism.
  • Food safety and quality management in this industry is a very crucial thing that should be taken care of. These systems should control sanitation dangers and guarantee safe food supplies in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Creating unique markets for local food products and dishes in various cities of the country which will attract tourists that will also help in boosting other industries as well.
  • Adequate training programmes and orientation should be organised for the people who are related to the local food industry so that they can handle any type of problem that arises in front of them in the future.
  • Food is a vital part in one’s life so a little extra focus on this sector will make Indian cuisines well known and popular.
  • It is very important to get support from the government and funding that are required for organising various food festivals across the nation.
  • Many Indian cities are considered to be good tourist spots where international tourists also come, if some unique food and cuisines are offered to them then that can bring popularity to the local food.
  • Tourism of India should also attempt to take steps for promotional activities related to local food and try to showcase them on different platforms on social media which will enhance the growth of the business.
  • Government should come up with new schemes for the people who want start their business related to food tourism which will help many other industries and also will help in national economic growth.


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