Home tips for Indian food
Home tips for Indian food

Top 10 Easy Tips To make Indian Food Tasty

Many of the people grew up with Indian meals daily that consist of a vegetable, Dal, Chapatis, Rice, and salad.

Now You can make Indian food tasty and delicious in your own style with the help of this article.

Also, include some pickle and yoghurt with it and the meal is complete.

In today’s busy world, a meal like this doesn’t only need immense planning and preparation, but also a lot of dedication as well as patience.
You can prepare daal rice just like your mom does or maybe better with the incredible tips mentioned below. Not only you are going to save your time, but you’ll also get to know about the tips.

make Indian food tasty

Kitchen management will get easier when you are going to add these skills to the tips:

1. Make Chapattis Softer: While Making Dough For Rotis, make sure to add warm water instead of the cold one. This will make the chapatis softer.

2. Fresh Fish: While refrigerating fish for the curries, rub some of the turmeric and salt so that the fish remains fresh for more time.

3. Herbs to Store: Store the coriander as well as curry leaves in airtight containers so that that remains fresh.

4. Peel and Then Store The Garlic: If you want to save time while cooking, peel off the garlic and refrigerate in airtight container. You may use them for a week.

5. Make Delicious Daal: Soak daal for at least three to four hours before cooking. This will enhance the flavour.

6. Save Time by Soaking Chickpeas And Rajma: Soaking both of them in warm water will decrease the time it takes for them to get softer. You may soak for 3-4 hours and use the same water to cook.

7. Crispy Potato: If you want to have this sabzi, soak peeled potatoes in cold water for 40-45 minutes and then fry with different masalas.

8. Use the vegetable Water: If the leftover water is left after boiling the vegetables, use it to cook rice. It will offer more nutrition.

9. Get Better With Rice: Add a little amount of oil or ghee to your rice to make it more delicious and make sure that the grains don’t stick to one another.

10. Get the Green Palak Paneer: While making this, don’t cover the pan with the lid. It will turn the gravy brown and you’ll get the green hue that stirs the appetite.

This will help you out in all the glitches regarding making tasty Foods.




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