Bengal is known as the land of fish and sweets. Bengali sweets are not only famous in India but also in Abroad.

Being on the shores of Bay of Bengal there is no dearth of fish in Bengal. The Nawabs of Bengal nurtured the Bengal food while the Europeans mastered them:

1. Luchis: The golden textured maida luchis are the breakfast favourites.

2. Dimer Dhokkar Daina: Bengalis start the day with delicious Dimer Dhokkar Daina with luchis for breakfast.

This favourite dish made of aromatic curry and cakes made of eggs, potatoes and phoron is totally minded blogging for a wonderful day.

3. Sandesh: Sandesh is the best of Bengali sweets not to be missed. This Bengali dessert made primarily of cottage cheese, nuts, and saffron will melt in your mouth.

4. Aloo Potol Posto: Bengalis favourite post is quickly made of thick poppy seeds, coconut puree and red chillies have a unique taste with the addition of both salt and sugar.

5. Baigun Bhajja: This distinctive pan fried eggplants with aromatic spices and tomato chutney make it the favourite among the Bengalis.

MOUTH WATERING BENGALI DISHES6. Bengali Lamb Curry: Lamb with yoghurt, mustard seeds, castor sugar, almonds and prepared in mustard oil along with phoron gives this a mouth-watering taste.

7. Doi Mach: The best of fish in Bengal is Doi Mach. Tender fish with yoghurt and mild spices makes it the best.

8. Tangra Machar Jhol: Catfish is the cheapest fish in Bengal and this catfish curry is the household name in Bengal. Made of catfish, grounded spices this thick gravy could suit with all kinds of food.

9. Shukto: This vegetable mixture is totally nutritious with the milk as one of the ingredients.

The mixture of sweet and bitter in the natural form of bitter gourd and sweet potatoes with brinjal, drumstick and pori give it a thick texture.

10. Rasagullas: Bengali sweets are not complete without rasagullas. There are so many varieties of rasagullas than one can savor and cherish the memory and lingering taste all of life.



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