LEARNING BEYOND BOOKS……A Continuous Learning Process


LEARNING BEYOND BOOKS…..A Continuous Learning Process

This article and the series of articles would be all about the continuous learning process we all go through in our life span and then pass it at as a legacy to the next generation. Most superb thing is that this learning doesn’t have anything to do with Books and studies.

Grandparents and Parents:

They occupy NUMBER ONE position because of the following:

1) Epitome of love and sacrifice.

2) True friends of good and bad times.

3) Keep us secure and protected in family.

4) Teach us all valuable lessons of life that too without charging any fee.

5) Forgiveness is yet another special trait of them.

6) Selfless service and immense concern they show.

It is from them we learn the value of relationships. They teach us that sacrifice is the basis of love. We can get all this information in the books also but our grandparents and parents serve as live examples. We are able to understand through them and their life experience that love is a positive trait and we can achieve anything if we learn to love. As they are morally so much elevated so we come to understand the relevance of society and its rules and regulations. We start protecting other young people because we have been protected by them since time immemorial. Last but not the least they give us perfect family environment in which we gather over all knowledge and information and further polish us by going to school and learn more. So I think that the role of these very important family members is highly commendable.

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