Moral Values for Children's
Moral Values for Children's

This is article is relevant to all; moreover the young school children who can make a difference. Relevant for parents so that they can inculcate the values to their young ones and others who they influence.

Issues :

Remember the time when we were told by our mother that god is watching all our activities throughout the day and our virtues and vices are noticed by the Almighty One? We have come far away from that fantasy world . Now we don’t live in fantasy and such things like honesty, empathy and affection are merely found in the unread pages of books.

Solution :

You can start by simply following the following basic principles

1. I sincerely feel that if a little bit of bowing down in front of someone and making use of words like,Sorry, and Thank you. can make cosmos then what are we waiting for…..

2. I urge all of you and specially my young friends to believe in God. Love and a bit of fear from God will make you a better person.

3. Do one good deed every day. Doing a good deed right now for many is just a fantasy!! Do it now and feel the thrill of doing something good.

4. Please watch your actions and make little bit of effort from your side to bring a change in the world. Politeness and respecting others makes a difference.

5. Ego and pride are two negatives and submission in the way to God straightaway. Avoid them and make life simple for yourself and others.

Benefit :

1. Everyone will experience a better world with love, care and forgiveness.

2. Success will come automatically to those who become better human beings.

3. Believe me scientific perspective is required but fantasies make life worth living.


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