Golden Getaways of Kolkata

Getaways are golden chances to rejuvenate one. In today’s stressful life a getaway could give the much-needed breather for a successful life. Kolkata, the city of joy where the British landed first in India is in itself a getaway spot. But to get away from Kolkata there are 5 fantastic spots to choose from.

Digha Beach Retreat :

Digha has been one of the oldest getaway spot 185 KM from Kolkata. For one to just lay back on the beach with a backdrop of casuarinas trees Digha is the right place. The traditional seafood is not to be missed and enjoyed with the serenity of nature.

Darjeeling :

Darjeeling is the darling touring destination for all Indians. Darjeeling is not only a preferred hill station but also for various reasons:

1. For the climate of Darjeeling which is best all through the year.

2. For seeing the red panda among other denizens in the Himalayan Zoo.

3. For adventure sports like trekking, mountain climbing, and biking.

4. For stunning views from the best hotels across Darjeeling.

5. For its serenity and calmness with its Buddhist monasteries.

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Sundarbans :

Sundarbans is a getaway spot just 108 km from Kolkata is to be visited soon, since it is one place to be soon not able to survive because of the deterioration due to climate change. Such is the beauty of fauna and ecosystem of Sundarbans bird sanctuary and tiger reserve which preserves the rare and famous Bengal tiger.

Mayapur & Krishnanagar :

These twin getaway spots at 130 Km from Kolkata and 10 km apart provide the harmonious religious solace of the supreme power. Mayapur is one of the nine islands situated between the rivers Hoogly and Jalangi is not only for spiritual experience but one for beauty and nature. The Krishnanagar Rajbari Palace and Roman Catholic Church are heritage enough not to be missed.

Mandarmoni :

The cleanest beach of Mandormoni 160 Km from Kolkata is the newest getaway attraction for its longest beach drive stretch and beach sports like skiing, bungee tramp lining and banana boat rides.


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