Budapest Hungary | Top 10 Places to Visit

Budapest Hungary trip adviser
Budapest Hungary trip adviser

Budapest Hungary 

About :

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is, in fact, two cities Buda and Pest divided by the river Danube. Hence it is also called the Twin City. It has 9 bridges and 7 islands of which the notable ones are Margaret Island and Csepel Island. Budapest is known for its cultural heritage and architecture.

Hence there are many museums, cathedrals, synagogues and even palaces and castles. There are beautiful parks and thermal water baths that the locals and tourists alike flock to.


Budapest Tourism Information Tips

Best time to Visit : 

The climate in Budapest is relatively mild. So the best times to visit Budapest would be March to May and from September to November. But to see Budapest blanketed in snow you should visit it in the months of November to January.

These are also the times when there are fewer tourists and one can avail the best hotel deals.

budapestTop 10 Places in Budapest:

1.)Buda Castle.
2.)Fisherman’s Bastion.
3.)Saint Stephen’s Basilica.
4.)Heroes Square.
5.)Margaret Island.
6.)Sz’henyi Baths.
7.)Great Synagogue.
8.)Hungarian State Opera House.
9.)Matthias Church.
10.)Hungarian Parliament Building.

Tips :

Visit here in the Spring (March to May) and you can even experience the Budapest Spring Festival. Another Festival to look out for happens during Easter.

The Easter fair brings with it a lot of stalls and markets that happen in the city centre and other popular locations. One can take a tram ride through the city or a pleasant boat ride down the river Danube. Don’t forget to try the local brew called the Palinka.

Also Alcoholic beverages, in general, are quite cheap in Budapest. It is best advised to change your currency into Hungarian Forints on arrival. Also, do not make use of the hotels and airports for conversion.

You would end up with a bad deal. Please be wary of people who approach you on the streets asking for currency conversion. Convert currency in the casinos for a better deal. The local road transport is very cheap.



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