beer and wine tasting hobby
beer and wine tasting hobby

Beer and Wine Tasting 

Wine, as well as beer tasting, has become a very famous hobby. It is similar to the one who loves whiskey. People who like wine and beer will learn, over time and tasting what to expect from different kinds of beer as well as wine before it even goes to mouth. Additionally, the beer and wine tasters develop the palate which can distinguish different flavors as well as nuances between various wines and beers even with the same style.

The hobby is not difficult to learn and certainly, it doesn’t need to be intimidating. In the past years, finding the wine and beer tastings was difficult somewhat but now they are much more plentiful. Even some of the shops of wine are adding the taste of beer along with the wine events.

Making It A Hobby – Some Pointers

1. Make it a point to record your immediate reactions on tasting the beer or wine.

2. Collect relevant information about its origin, availability, manufacturer, contents etc. from the place you are tasting it. Information is also available over net, but remember to make note of it.

3. if possible, collect as many bottles and labels that you can in form of a scrap book with comments. You may also maintain such records online.

4. Travel around and remember to do a research before your journey so that you can find the right drink there for adding to your collection.

5. Remember this hobby can make you a blogger and if the information shared is really interesting, your blogs can also earn money.

How to Taste Beer and Wine ?

So, now you might be overwhelmed a little bit by different kinds of beer and wine, but this is where the fun will begin. You are going to a beer tasting. You have the idea of characteristics of every kind of beer and wine that you might taste. But, you must know how to put the beer and wine correctly.

Pouring :

It should run gently inside the glass when you pour. Judge the speed by the head which is forming. You must have the head of about the width of both the fingers when you are done with pouring.Some of the wines and beers consist of the visible yeast at the bottom of the bottle which is meant to get drunk with the wine as well as beer. If it is the case, stop pouring with a bit of beer and wine left inside the bottle.

Appearance :

Before you start to drink, look at the wine and beer. Note whether its head is thin or dense. Heads are sometimes considered as rocky if they are dense with the dips especially and peaks forming as some of the pop of bubbles. Its color is also worth noting and it may range from pure white to medium or light brown.
So keeping the above things inn mind, start a journey where you are travelling and tasting the best the world has to offer. Sharing this online can also help you in making a mark and even earn money on the go.


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