Antique Collecting
Antique Collecting

Antique Collection

This hobby is one of the popular hobbies and requires expertise at later stages. This hobby requires you to have space and money both in order to keep antiques in right way while your collection grows.

How to start Antique Collecting?

For beginners one can start by not actually acquiring antiques but by taking live pictures of them. It could be anything from antique watches to cars to coins to furniture and so on.Taking pics / videos initially will get you into this hobby and you will learn quite a lot. After your first few months you will come across antiques that you could get your hand to and start your physical collection.This is a hobby that also requires expertise so you would have to learn about identifying fakes.Whatever antique you come across there are ready references available over the internet for checking its authenticity but it is advisable to have in reference someone who can actually identify fakes. Try to have a focus in this vast antiques collection.You can initially only follow few antique lines like antique watches and antique chairs and then when you get accustomed then can open the lines slowly.

Preparation :You need the following :

1. Camera.
2. Published catalogue on Antiques.
3. Selected lines of antiques and its information from other sources.
4. Magnifying glass to check fakes.
5. Space and way of storage.
6. With all the above you are ready for your Antiques hobby and write abo.

Future :

1. The antiques if bought at the right price increase in value over a period of time.
2. Therefore this hobby is also a sort of investment for future.
3. There are some antiques that can be acquired at dirt cheap prices from remote areas and can be sold at multiple times of purchase cost


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