bird watching hobby
bird watching hobby

Bird Watching Hobby

Bird watching is a very good hobby that relaxes and rejuvenates you. It brings you very close to nature and makes it quite interesting since travel to several areas also is required.

How to start ?

1. Just stroll outside where the birds are and start observing.

2. It is one of the simplest hobbies to start but requires patience and perseverance.

3. You should an early riser as most of the birds are seen early in the morning and give you good photographic ambiance.

Preparation :

You need the following :

1. Binoculars.
2. Camera
3. Handy note pad and pen
4. Colorful Scrap book
5. Tape
6. Scissors
7. Glue
With all the above you are ready to see your first bird and write about it.

Future :

1. Once you have followed this hobby for a while there are lot of other activities you can get into. There are bird watcher’s club which you can join and exchange notes. There are groups that organised trips for bird watcher enthusiasts.

2. This hobby automatically brings you also into another hobby – Photography. With more acceptances for this hobby you have more clubs and societies that you can join and make it more interesting.


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