The young ones are able to pick up a hobby much easily, which makes even the education fun and effortless ! A hobby can be both fun and learning. It is observed that children can easily develop an interest in anything they see around themselves. A hobby can be a great way to keep a child engaged and focused. It enhances their acumen at a very early age and some hobbies may impart general knowledge too. The thing, which is more important, is that a parent must understand what their child is influenced with. Indian parents have a tendency to impose their own interest rather than understanding the likes and dislikes of their children. Whether your little kid isn’t as interested in football as cooking or whether your adolescent child doesn’t like sketching as much as playing guitar or sitar, your support will go a long way in shaping his or her dexterities into prized possessions.


Here is a list of 10 good hobbies for children, which they can start for Education & Fun:

1. Reading : Reading is a good habit. A good book can help a child explore different things. Reading can also be done online with several apps that offer collection of books and novels for children.

2. Stamp and Coin collection : Who didn’t like collecting stamps at childhood? It improves the memory of a child and takes him into the colourful world of stamps from all over the world. This hobby makes him learn about the culture, occasions, historic events, famous personalities and much more as stamps are printed on many such themes by all countries. COIN COLLECTION adds knowledge about the world currency and makes him understand the value of money.

3. Music : Learning an instrument is not only fun but adds a talent to a child. Music also helps the kids to relax. He can become a center of attraction during parties and get together and makes his creative aspect come out from within.

4. Scrapbook : A child can explore a lot of creativity if he/she likes to make a scrapbook. Scrapbook can be made on topics the child is interested in like making a scrap book on a recent family holiday or historic moments or leaders etc. Scrapbooks can also be made online through several apps that are available but starting with physical scrapbooks and gradually move to online version.

5. Gardening : Gardening can teach your child, how to take care of things. It makes hem responsible since he starts caring for the plants. Children love to see small fruits and vegetable grow out from the seeds they plant. Gardening is all about getting a bit dirty which every child loves.

6. Drawing : Drawing is a creative hobby. It increases the imagination of a child. This hobby if followed well can also make a future successful artist out of a child. Playing with colors is every child’s dream and so this hobby is almost what a child likes.

7. Pets : Children like pets like dog, cat, fishes, bird and many more. Having a hobby of keeping pets will club the fun and the responsibility that goes along with petting. It also develops the responsibility and care towards pets

8. Origami : Origami is an art and craft engineering. It looks creative and enhances the skill of your child.

9. Model building : Making the models of plane or train using blocks of Lego is a fascinating hobby. Model making makes the child curious and experimenting thus inculcating important passion in him.

10. Dancing : Dance can be a stress buster for your kid and will also help in maintaining the health. Dancing ones way to success is today’s mantra and with so many options to do once the child becomes expert in dance this hobby should not be dismissed. The ability and the inner artist of the child can come out through this hobby.

With regular studies and a stressful student life if your child has a hobby, he can have a time out from studies and in a useful way which can make him an overall smart and successful child.Thus, do inculcate a hobby in your child today so that he/she can be both smart and active.


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