Aviculture: A practice to breed birds

Aviculture: A practice to breed birds
Aviculture: A practice to breed birds

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Aviculture: A practice to breed birds

bird watching hobby
bird watching hobby

How to start ?

1. For starters, there are many kinds of birds that can be kept at home such as budgies, lovebirds, parakeets, parrots, canaries, cockatoos, cockatrices, finches, soft bills etc.

2. Try to pick the ones that interest you.

Preparation :

You need the following :

1. Place and cage of the right size.

2. Some decoration items like swings, platform, bird house andPots can also be placed inside the cage for the birds to breed. The best time for breeding is from March to June.

3. Selection of the Bird according to your interest and the size of the place and cage.

4. Colorful Scrap book or digital media or an appropriate app.

5 Voice recorder (comes with most of the phones you are using).

With the above preparation you are ready to start you fascinating hobby of Birds as pets.

Why Birds ?

1. People keep parrots and mockingbirds in the entryways of their homes to announce visitors.

2. People who like to enjoy nature can also have birds as their pets as it gives a feeling of nature sitting at their home.

3. Keeping birds as pets?people are engaged in taking care of them. Keeping birds as pets does not only engage a person but it also makes the person capable of managing and handling the situations.

4. In ancient times, pigeons were also kept as pets by people and pigeons also helped in delivering the letter of the people.

Some points :

1. There is no negative effect to keep birds in cage as the many of the above mentioned breeds of birds can only live in the cages and if they are set free they will become a prey of other birds or animals and cannot survive for long.

2. Some of the birds are also trained to be free inside homes and not be kept in cage.

3. It is advisable to let the pet birds fly around the house, out of cage on a regular basis. This should only be done after you have followed this hobby for some time and learnt the tips to handle birds.

4. The guidance on each type of bird species to keep as pets should be learnt before starting this hobby.


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