Colour combinations for clothes
Colour combinations for clothes

Colour Combinations for Clothes in Fashion

It won’t be wrong to say that colours are a reflection of our personality. As per research, every colour carries with it a certain amount of energy which influences our thinking and mindset. For example, the blue colour reflects calmness, trust, and loyalty, hence it’s always advisable to wear blue colour when you appear for an interview. Similarly, red is the colour of passion and enthusiasm. Following the suit, every colour reflects certain qualities

Here I will be highlighting various colour combinations that will rock the year 2018. So let’s get the ball rolling:

1. Green and Yellow : You can never go wrong with this combination. If you have been looking to add some spark and brightness to your wardrobe, go for this combination. For warmer toned people, opt mustard, khaki and dark green colour and for the cool toned people add bright yellow and iridescent green. A red kurta with yellow salwar will make you rock the desi girl look.

2. Blue and pale pink : Looking for some pastel shades this summers, try out this combination. Pair up a pale pink shirt with a pleated blue skirt or pale pink trouser with a lighter toned blue shirt to rock the chick avatar.

3 Cobalt blue and turquoise : Planning to have a showstopper chic look try out this combination. Mix up a regal blue dress with a casual flat turquoise shoe, and you will rock every occasion.

4 Blue and rustic red : Want to create some royal impact with subtle shades, go for this combination. Pair up a blue skirt with a rustic red shirt or blazer, to create a chic avatar, match blue denim with a rustic red t-shirt.



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