When it comes to furniture, it has been an age-old tradition to rely on the carpenters. However, recently people have started to buy furniture online. But, when it comes creating it on our own, we are a bit reluctant. However, if we move towards the west part of the world, they often indulge in creating and building their furniture. It has given rise to the concept of DIY or DO IT YOURSELF.


The DIY concept encompasses the following:

1. The furniture when bought is not ready to use.

2. The furniture comes in SKD (Semi Knocked Down) condition.

3. There is an instruction sheet that has step wise instructions on HOW TO ASSEMBLE.

4. There are basic tools that come along with the pack but some tools have to be with the user.

5. The concept is easy and not very technical in terms of assembling.

6. The seller gives support in case the assembly instructions are not fully understandable.


Here are some of the probable reason you must indulge in DIY furniture :

1. Customization : Having furniture as per your customized need is always an added advantage. You get the desired design and the look; moreover, you don’t need to pay any extra charges for the same.

2. Skill Development : Apart from customization, creating your furniture always enhances your skills and makes your more proficient.

3. Affordability : This is yet another important factor that DIY furniture have. They are less expensive as compared to the other ready-to-use furniture available in the market.

4. Savings : With the DIY projects you can save on the labor cost, professional fees, etc. Moreover, many companies offer the complete DIY set having all the components to build furniture.

5. Felxibility in Design : In some cases like WALL SHELVES or WALL HANGING CABINETS, the user can adjust the way the DIY furniture can be assembled thus giving him options for various designs and combinations.

6. Easy to Shift And Relocate : This concept allows the user to dismantle the furniture and allows easy relocation reducing the space of carrying such furniture during shifting.

The concept does have some disadvantages as well:

1. No Uniqueness : This concept does not come with uniqueness. The design and shapes are produced in bulk and so having some exclusivity in design is not available.

2. Not everybody’s cup of tea : The assembly is not everybody’s doing. One may not be able to do this due to time and difficulty.

The DIY concept holds a good potential in the Indian markets and although coming to its full maturity may take time there are enough reasons for this concept to be sure success in near future.




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