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travelling as hobby
Travelling Hobby Travelling almost everyone loves and making this a hobby adds more excitement and objectivity to the whole experience. Travelling as a hobby can be started by anyone who has passion to travel to different places with not only the most popular getaways in mind but also be adventurous to try new unknown and not very popular destinations. Although...


Fitness and Exercise as a Hobby
Fitness and Exercise as a Hobby Fitness is not limited to physical aspect or just having a good strong body. It is a state of mind and how our mind interacts with our body. Fitness is must for optimal functioning of mind and body but when we make fitness our hobby or our passion we take it to another level....


ASTRONOMY AS A HOBBY Astronomy can be a rewarding as well as a fascinating passtime, whether you have the substantial accessories and telescope like a CCD camera or you are the beginner observing with the naked eye. This is one of those few sciences where the amateurs make a contribution to the research but most of them simply do it for...

Food Photography as a Hobby

Food Photography as a Hobby Submitted by Sangeetha from Bangalore Culinary Institute A lot of people have being tempted into buying a particular type of food just because of the picture that they saw on the wrappings. In some instances, they are actually 100 per cent sure that what they will see after unwrapping the product is not exactly what is...


Antique Collecting
Antique Collection This hobby is one of the popular hobbies and requires expertise at later stages. This hobby requires you to have space and money both in order to keep antiques in right way while your collection grows. How to start Antique Collecting? For beginners one can start by not actually acquiring antiques but by taking live pictures of them. It could be...

Aviculture: A practice to breed birds

Aviculture: A practice to breed birds
Aviculture: A practice to breed birds This article has been submitted by Dipanshu from Delhi. Keeping pet birds is one of the most popular and enjoyable hobbies today. Keeping birds as pets has also been going on for hundreds of centuries. Bird keeping is also referred to as AVICULTURE.   How to start ? 1. For starters, there are many kinds of birds that...


Pet fishes in an aquarium
Pets Fishes - Very Easy and Creative Indoor Hobby This article has been submitted by Dipanshu from Delhi Keeping fishes as pets can be a very easy and creative hobby. Fish make truly wonderful pets for people who don't have the time or physical space to devote to a higher-maintenance companion animal. And under the right circumstances, fish can also be...


coin collection hobby
Coin Collection: A Beginner's Guide: Creative Indoor Hobby Coin collecting or numismatics is the collecting and trading of coins or other forms of legal tender. As one of the most popular and oldest hobbies one can take pleasure in what they call the "Hobby of kings" that has turned to be the "King of hobbies". Collecting coins of one's own...


Collecting stamps or Philately is one of the oldest and respected hobbies for people of all ages who are interested in history, geography, art and world cultures. Stamps have been issued from postal services from all over the world since 1840. Every subject you can imagine has been depicted on colourful stamps: Animals, sports, maps, cars, ships, movie stars....


beer and wine tasting hobby
Beer and Wine Tasting  Wine, as well as beer tasting, has become a very famous hobby. It is similar to the one who loves whiskey. People who like wine and beer will learn, over time and tasting what to expect from different kinds of beer as well as wine before it even goes to mouth. Additionally, the beer and wine...
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