Digital Fasting
Digital Fasting

What is Digital Fasting, Fact’s About Digital Fasting

We hear various people belonging to different religions often fasts on different occasions almost every month. Digital Fasting is considered to be one of the several ways to cleanse and keep our body well balanced both mentally and physically.

Today when we mention fasting, it can refer to different ways which lead to overall health benefits. Thus it is not important to be on only food fasting for well-being. Many people prefer even not to speak or utter a word for few days (Vipassana or Maun Vrat) which they feel is another way of balancing, meditating, disciplining and relaxing mind and soul that leads to some other benefits to health.

It is said to be fasting is to connect more to self and to reconnect to what you believe in.

Harmful Effects of Digitalisation

Digital fasting In this era of the digital world, staying unplugged from gadgets and internet connection has referred to being on Digital Fasting. Staying disconnected purposely or voluntarily from technology or gadgets for few hours or maybe few days refer to digital fasting. Earlier food, shelter and clothing were considered essential for livelihood, but today digital world/gadgets are added to it as basic needs.

Digitalisation has made an individual’s life much easier with just one touch movement, it’s smartly lazy. It is said anything in excess leads to some negative effect. Thus by taking into considerations the addictive properties and psychological problems related to its excessive usage, many individuals decided to regain their control over its usage. To stay on digital fasting is one of the ways to digitally detox ourselves.

How Digital Fasting Helps Us?

Research shows that people on digital fasting seem to be more creative, more open in receiving and storing information. Their brain cells seem to be more active. In the case of children, digital fasting at early stages showed better stability in their emotional and mental development. They are more balanced and explore things from nature; as a result, learning skills develop at a faster rate.

A lot of behavioural change has been observed in terms of frustration, tolerance, anger management and patience. On the other hand, people who stay on digital fasting frequently showed that they have a new and better perspective towards their career and personal life. They tend to give more importance in real life rather than reel life.



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