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Astronomy can be a rewarding as well as a fascinating passtime, whether you have the substantial accessories and telescope like a CCD camera or you are the beginner observing with the naked eye.

This is one of those few sciences where the amateurs make a contribution to the research but most of them simply do it for the excitement of seeing it with their own eyes the star clusters, planets, and nebulae. Observing it directly with the eyes with the amateur telescope, it is kind of impossible to see most of the astronomical objects with the detail and color amount captured in the pictures recorded by large instruments which are professional. However, most of the experienced amateurs make beautiful drawings at the telescope itself, and some of them get spectacular results with CCD imaging and photography.

Get to know the night sky :

For any person who is new to astronomy completely, the first step is to know about the night sky, how it changes by night and season by season and also how it gets varied according to the latitude of an observer. The monthly guide of planisphere or the computer software is going to help with this.

Purchasing a telescope :

The next step is to get the optical aid. Always keep in mind that the inexpensive telescopes which are sold by natural stores, toy shops, and other outlets are often of poor optical quality and they are more likely to provide the disappointing performance.
Retailers who specialize in astronomical telescopes can advise on what is suitable for the various circumstance. A list of all of them can be found with the advertisements in the monthly magazine. Astronomy is the best hobby if one has got an interest in checking different things up there in the sky.

Important points related to astronomy as a hobby :

1. During sky watching at night, be suitable dressed for cold and hot weather.

2. Best view of sky can be had while laying down. So make adequate arrangement so that the best view can be done of the night sky.

3. Buy relevant books or browse thorugh net to get guidance on your first night sky viewing.

4. Always proceed stepwise and get the hang of things and do not rush up and try to see everything at one go.