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If this is your first time traveling abroad, or maybe you just need a refresher here's a list of 20 CHECKS you should do before your trip.

1. PASSPORT CHECK : Check the validity of your passport and make copies of it. Leave a copy at home with someone and keep one in a separate baggage away from the original passport.

2. TRAVEL PAPERS CHECK : Check the visa and the names on it and its validity. If visiting several countries checks if you have all visas in place and in case of re-entry the multiple entry visa should be there.

3. HEALTH CHECK : Having a health check is always advisable so that you can be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Carrying regular medicines and ones that are for mild sickness is always advisable. Take a overseas health insurance for the number of days of travel and in case you are a frequent traveller have a yearly insurance.

4. WEATHER CHECK : Checking the weather at the destination would help in you getting mentally prepared and help in packing the required things according to weather.

5. FINANCE CHECK : Carrying adequate money in form of cash, credit card, debit card, travel card etc. is a must. Carrying local currency from your place of travel is advisable since at the destination getting the best deal and exchange rates is a problem if you have not travelled before. Check about the working of your credit and debit card internationally.

6. LUGGAGE CHECK : Checking your luggage and making it as less as possible makes the travel a better experience. Having maximum one check in luggage and one hand baggage will make your travel easy. Having a luggage with easy carrying rollers 360 degrees makes travel easy. Also make sure to carry a backpack while you travel locally.

7. CLOTHING CHECK : Check the clothes according to the days you are travelling. Have just an extra pair in case of emergencies. Travelling with unnecessary clothes should be avoided.

8. GADGET CHECK : Checking the gadgets like iPod, mobile phone, charger, camera, batteries, world travel adapter, voltage conversion etc. is a must before the travel. Check also the voltage of your electronics and its use in the country of destination.

9. ITERNERARY CHECK : Your full plan for all the days must be planned in advance to get maximum out of your holiday. The daily trips, sightseeing, places to go etc. all should be pre-planned. In case the holiday is about relaxing, include that also in the itinerary.

10. FOOD & SNACKS CHECK : Carrying some food and snacks is advisable more so in cases where you are have a restricted food habits. Carry food and snacks as per the days of travel and make packets beforehand so that you don't mess up by opening everything on day one.

11. HOBBY & EVENT CHECK : If you have a passion for hobby or are an event goer, check possibilities before travel. Some countries are famous for guitars and so if it is in your hobby make sure you visit the right place. Even as an event goer, make sure you check for any upcoming event (sport, music, exhibitions etc.) so that you can make it a part of your itinerary.

12. COMMUNICATION CHECK : Check how you can be well connected always while travelling. Having your phone on international roaming and having relevant plan active during your travel will make all the difference. Have important phone numbers like travel agent, hotels, embassy, emergencies contact etc. handy will make you more confident while travelling.

13.THINGS TO DO CHECK : Check that you have the list of all the things to do during your travel listed down by days so that you do not miss out on anything. Some things to do you need to research before leaving and not everything is told by the tour organiser and having something extra up your sleeve will make your holiday livelier and something to talk about. CARRYING THE TRAVEL GUIDE will greatly help.

14.FIRST DAY PLAN CHECK : IT is said that how you plan your first day of travel will make all the rest of the days good or bad. Overnight flights tend to tire you so do not keep much to do on the first day. Jet lag would also require a day to get accustomed. So plan your first day very carefully.

15.GOING HOME CHECK : Check and plan your last day also in advance. Have a packet marked GOING HOME which should have all relevant documents and items that you require during your trip back and when you arrive at your home town airport. Unpacking your luggage at the arrival area is no fun.

16.LOCAL CULTURE CHECK : Check for local cultural habits and things that you should avoid before leaving and make sure you follow them. In some countries there could be dressing restrictions or how you leave tips, greet etc. So make sure you know about these things.

17.EMBASSY REGISTERATION CHECK : It is advisable to register the travellers at the embassy in the destination countries, so that in case of any notifications or emergencies you are easily contactable.

18.ONLINE APPS & GUIDE CHECK : Check for all the relevant apps that you can download and use while travelling. Local maps, travel guide in printed form can also be carried.

19.DRIVING LICENSE CHECK : In case you plan to drive during your travel in the foreign country check the acceptance of the local driving license or if any other documents is required.

20.LOCAL LANGUAGE CHECK : It is always good to know some of the common local phrases so that some of the things you can ask in the local language. It is fun and the local crowd welcomes you more warmly.