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None can replace our sweet home. Everyone will be very much attached to their home and hometown. Most of the people will be wondering how to design their interior to look better than other homes. These 5 Ways to make the home look attractive will inspire you and will match your thoughts. With less effort, you can design your interior to look rich and beautiful.

1. Painting :

choose the right colours for the walls. The Darker colour will show the room smaller than lighter shades. We should be clever in choosing for bedrooms and living space. For the living room, you could choose very light colours to look elegant and spacious. For bedrooms, we can go green or mild colour. Play areas should be vibrant and colourfull. 

2. Lighting :

The natural lighting is very important while designing your home. Brighter lights and mirrors on the living room will add extra lighting to the room to look spacious. For bedrooms, single lighting will be perfect. 

3. Old and New :

Designing interior depends upon the furniture .furniture decides the room space and good form. Owner of the house should think the function of the furniture before buying one. There is builtin furniture, customized, readymade furniture. We need furniture for eating, sitting, sleeping, organizing etc.

4. Adding extra accents :

We should balance the accents we add to our home. we can even use already available accessories at home. A children photos, coffee mug, tray or old model chair or bookcases. Cover the old furniture with trendy wallpapers, use rugs for the floors to feel the comfort and change the cloth according to the seasons. Make a hanging decorator in the children room. 

5. Green garden :

Plants add colour and texture to the room. Adding plants to all the rooms balances the humidity inside the home and removes harmful gases. Not only in the kitchen, plants can be added and hanged from any room or garden. Go green and enjoy the real name of home decoration.