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Benefits of Lotus stem or Kamal kakdi

Lotus stem or Kamal kakdi, is (most of the times wrongly called as lotus root) very popular vegetable in India

This lotus stem is loaded with full of micro and macro nutrients and has some tremendous health benefits

The nutritional value of lotus stem is pretty impressive. It is rich in calcium, iron, fiber and many important minerals like zinc,
manganese, magnesium, potassium, copper, etc. It is also loaded with Vitamin B,Vitamin E, vitamin K etc.

Here is brief Nutrition profile in this vegetable:

100 grams of lotus stem contains :

      * Energy ~74 calories only.

      * 2.5 grams of PROTEIN.

      * 0.39 mg of ZINC.

      * 0.261 mg of potassium.

      * 0.1 grams of fat.

      * 1.16 mg of Iron.

      * 5 grams of fiber.  

      * 40 mg of Sodium.

      * 44 mg of Vitamin C.

      * 0.25 mg copper.

      * 23 mg of magnesium.

      * 556 mg of potassium.                                               

      Benefits :

          * Helps to reduce cholesterol

          * Fiber rich so Improves digestion

          * Helps to lower blood pressure

          * Helps to boost the immunity system

          * Helps to prevent some forms of cancer

          * Balances your mood

          * Helps to relieve depression

          * Helps to maintain the proper enzymatic activity in your body.

          * Helps in Weight loss as low in calories and fat

          * Helps in curing constipation as high in fiber content, highly recommended for pregnant women.

          * Helps in maintaining lustrous hair, skin and nails 

            There you have it, an opportunity to experiment with this versatile vegetable and cook something sensational in sides as starters or main course. After knowing about all its health benefits, you now have no excuses left for not including it in your Daily Menu. You can google many recipes from chaat, snacks to curries on how to use this well-known veg in Indian conventional kitchen wisdom way OR modern style cooking. So next time you have a restaurenting affair do search for lotus stem recipe on the menu as a healthy and of course tasty choice.