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After XII one has big decision to make and that is of selecting a college that enhances your skill and helps you build a better career. What step you take after Class XII decides how bright or dull your future will be. Not everyone is made for engineering or medical and there are courses that will help you stand out in the crowd and most importantly, will lead you to enjoy your profession. Newer generation has a different mentality though. They have proved their mettle in various fields by choosing a vocational course. These are short-term courses, which offer practical based classes to give you a hands-on experience as opposed to theoretical classes of mainstream courses. Before checking out the lists of vocational courses you could enroll in, it is better to evaluate your own skills, weaknesses and strengths. Based on your evaluation results and your interests, you can check out various vocational courses that are listed below.

1. Foreign Languages : Apart from management, engineering and medical degree in foreign languages is proving to be a promising career option for students. There are colleges affiliated by Indian government and foreign ministry to provide jobs at embassy or in ministry after the completion of the course.

2. Gaming Designers : Earlier India did not have any programmers for games, but now a day things are changing. With invention of Virtual Reality the importance of gaming designers have grown. Gaming designers are coming up and paid quite handsomely. Most importantly, you can be self-employed and work independently from wherever you want.

3. Journalism : Media is also coming up as a prospective career option for many. Now, colleges of great prominence are including courses like Bachelors in Mass Communication and Journalism for those who want to pursue a career in media.

4. Fashion designing : Another field, which has remained dominant all this while in India but has geared up in recent times, is Fashion Designing. It has a very promising future in the industry.

5. Nursing :
There has always been great demand for nurse. Earlier there used to be only female nurses but now a day demand for male nurse has also increased. There is a bright future for nurse with handsome pay and opportunity to work outside India.

Research a little before you finalize one and then pursue it with all your heart.