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Techniques to boost your self-confidence:

1. Never consider that you are inferior to any person in any way as we all have some or the other special traits. 

2. While talking to people look straight in their eyes as that is important for your self-esteem too. 

3. If a person passes harsh comments to demoralize you then instead of avoiding him or her directly ask why he is behaving

4. If you think that things are going out of control then better ask someone for help that can be your parent or some other person who is matured. 

5. Always raise your voice if you feel that you are being dominated because facing insults and atrocities would bring your confidence level so down that life would not be worth living 

6. last but not the least be careful of your conduct and behavior we should behave properly with people giving proper respect to them so that they would also give respect to us.

The support of people always help us to be more confident because a perfect leader never believes in domination he believes in winning hearts to have followers