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Some Facts :

We breathe about 11,000 liters of air per day and with every breath variety of pollutants enter our body. Unlike food and water, the consumption of air is largely dependent on the surroundings. If the surroundings are bad, the consumption is bad.

Air inside our homes can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Outdoor air pollution can easily enter your home when the windows and doors are open. But even when they are closed, natural ventilation can bring in allergens and small particles - under 2.5 micrometers -
into your home.

What causes pollution inside a home ?

Indoor pollutants can result from :

1. Cooking.
2. Cleaning.
3. Household pets.
4. Paints and polishes.
5. New indoor decorations and furnishings.
6. Smelly substances.
7. Staleness.

Forms of pollutants :

1. Dust particles.
2. Cooking fumes and smoke.
3. Pollen.
4. Pet dander.
5. VOC's and other toxins.
6. Microbes and other infectious substances.
7. Odor.

Besides the above innumerable pollutants from outside enters the home and add on to the pollution already inside a home.

Solution :

1. Keep your home tidy and clean and reduce pollutants as much as possible. Buying an air purifier definitely helps.

2. The right air purifier can help in reducing all the above mentioned pollutants.

3. There are many purifiers which removes only some of the pollutants so one should do a detailed study before buying the right purifier.

4. Analyze the pollutants in your house, their source and extent and buy the Purifier which solves your issues to maximum benefit.

5. There is Purifier which is combination of humidifier as well. If humid and staleness is one of the issues go for this type.