The experience in the college not only consist of the academics but even the extracurricular activities are essential as well. You might be having thousands of activities to choose from, so how would you select the one which is best for you?


Taking a part in right activity can help a student to follow their passion, enhance friendship, create skills as well as network professionally. You are also going to enjoy.

Let’s get to know several activities that will make the life of college more exciting.

1. The Government Of The Campus : Most of the colleges allow students to participate in campus governance. There are different varieties like residence hall government to general student government. Some of the other options are honor councils and academic judiciary committee.

2. Sports And Games : Being a great athlete needs time as well as dedication. If you love sports, trying different games is the best way to make friends, improve skills and experience sports. Later in the future, this can also lead to professional opportunities in sports and scholarships.

3. Professional And Academic Firms : Look for the on-campus professional or academic organizations that are related to your study. Depending on the University, campus firms may focus on any field, from applied mathematics to acting.

4. Service And Volunteer Related Activities : Volunteering in the environment related things can benefit both you as well as people around you. Many colleges offer community programs in which the students can also participate during their summer break.

5. Arts : Whether you like to paint or playing trumpet, there are so many ways in which a student can get involved in art. Students who love fine arts can select from musical groups, theatre troupes as well as drawing or sculpture. This will improve the art of a student.

6. Competitions And Seminars : Participations in intra and inter college competitions and seminars cam greatly help in increasing your PR group as well as give you that extra niche for being different form the rest.

7. Participation in FESTS : There is nothing better than participating in various activities (competitive and non competitive) during fests at the colleges. This greatly enhances your skills and make you an extrovert.

8. Expand Your Friend Circle : The most useful and long rewarding thing to be done while in college is to interact and know more students from different courses. Expandin g your friend base will greatly help in building professional relationship in future.

9. Join As Many Clubs And Workshops In Your College : There are many clubs and workshops that are a regular feature at every college. You can enhance your PR skills and learning experience by joining such clubs and workshops.

10. Go For Internships And Training Programs : During the college you will have ample time to join a Company to do aome sort of internship project and run a program relevant to your course. This will give you extra weightage when in future you persue any further studies. This will also help in practical learning of what you are studying.



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